10 Useful Wearable IoT Devices For Seniors

1. CarePredict Tempo: This device helps seniors stay safe and independent while living at home, providing real-time activity detection, automated fall prevention, and GPS location tracking.

2. Connected Caregiver: This wearable monitor can detect falls, remind seniors to take medications, and alert caregivers if there is an issue

3. VitaStik Connect: These nutritional supplements are packed with vitamins and minerals that help boost energy levels for seniors who need a little bit more help staying active throughout the day

4. MedWatcher: This device provides medication management by helping users stay on top of their daily pill schedule as well as ensuring they’re taking all the right medicines in the right quantities

5. MyNotifi: This wearable device allows seniors to remain connected with family and friends, letting them send out an alert if they need help in a time of crisis or distress

6. Freedom Alert: This two-way emergency pendant can be worn around the neck and has built-in GPS tracking so users can always stay safe and stay connected no matter where they are

7. Fitbit Inspire HR: Seniors who are looking for an enjoyable way to track their health and fitness goals may want to consider this device that offers a variety of helpful functions such as heart rate monitoring, step counting, sleep tracking, calorie burning tracking and more

8. Apple Watch Series 4: This device can alert seniors if their heart rate becomes too high or low, reminding them to take a break, and also includes ECG monitoring capabilities

9. WellBe: This wearable helps users monitor stress levels and provides them with personalized tips on how to reduce it

10. Zembro Wearable: This smartwatch for seniors allows users to keep in touch with family members through text messaging, video calling, and group chats as well as offers fall detection alerts and other important safety features

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